Why you Shouldn't FSBO

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Idaho Falls has many different types of buyers and sellers. One group are the FSBO’s or For Sale by Owner. This group of sellers are those that want to go at it all alone!

Many sellers think to themselves…
'I'll sell it myself and save SOOOO much money!'
' If I list with a realtor, I'll lose money because I have to pay FEES!
SAVING money is great, BUT what if you could be MAKING money instead?
Which one would you prefer?
I choose both! and believe it or not, SO CAN YOU!!


Most buyers have been pre-qualified and have already partnered up with a Realtor that will be providing them FREE PROFESSIONAL REPRESENTATION that's available to buyers.
Realtors will show all their buyers Homes that are listed first, they do this because the agents know those sellers have already agreed to pay their commission. - This is a big pool of buyers! 
Professional services of any kind, cost money because we have taken the time to know our industry thoroughly and have spent our money to learn how to save you money in the long run!
Deal Seekers specifically target FSBOS hoping to save that same money they think they are saving by not listing with a Realtor. Over price your home to leave room for the negotiations and you may miss out on offers, or potentially miss your window of prime selling time!
This will not net you more money!


A good realtor sells homes and analyzes the market day in and day out. Did you know the market changes on average every three months? Keller Williams list to sell price is  98.7% which means we help you sell your home for almost 100% of the list price.


 The Cindy Bates Group has been working with FSBOS in Idaho Falls for years and can tell you after dutiful tracking and constant communication, 80% of FSBOS get more money for their home AFTER it’s listed and have more than benefited from PROFESSIONAL REPRESENTATION through the entire process!


We are here to help YOU get what you deserve! So before you FSBO, give us a call and let us show you our strategic and aggressive marketing plans that will put more money in your pocket!