Buying vs. Renting from Shalan

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Shalan Hyde

Hey all, Shalan here! We’ve been thinking a lot about our clients that are renting and have come to us for advice about renting vs. buying! While there are some circumstances where renting might be best for you and your family, if you are seriously considering buying…  Don't wait!!

 If you have been thinking about buying a home, the sooner the better with rising interest rates. Interest rates have been steadily rising on average 1% per year over the last two years. Don't get me wrong, interest rates are still great. However, if you continue to wait the price of the home you may qualify to purchase NOW, you may not be able to purchase in 6 months.

For example, if you were qualified for a $200k home at 3% interest rate with a monthly payment of aprox. $700, that same payment at 5% would get you a home priced at around $157k. monthly

If you are concerned about your credit score and want to work on it seriously, I say CONTACT US TODAY! Qualifying to purchase a home may be more of a possibility than you think! I have worked with several loan officers that have been able to help fix and improve my clients credit scores in as little as 3 months.

We pride ourselves on being able to help our clients quickly and efficiently by associating with some of the best resources available. We would love to answer your questions and get you on the path to ownership, Give Us A Call Today!!